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Join us and be a part of the first ever Alexandrian Business Incubator!

Who Are We?

On the ecosystem level: piloting Startups of Alex Incubation Program as a leading initiative amongst the ecosystem that is viable & sustainable. On the startups level: An increased economic development for Alexandria through the startups scene. .
icealex is a community-driven technology innovation hub with a strong social and environmental commitment. We aim to provide an enabling ecosystem for action-oriented minds co-creating sustainable solutions for local challenges in Alexandria. icealex offers a variety of services for Private Sector, Government and Civil Society. Amongst these services are consultation & mentoring, high-end training workshops, impact programmes, co-working facilities, and rapid prototyping and manufacturing services. icehubs is an ever-growing international network of hubs in Cairo and Alexandria (Egypt), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) and Weimar (Germany). ICE activities seek to enable innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship in terms of actions and behaviors – create, share, and benefit.

Our Aspirations

STARTUPS OF ALEX is the 1st Alexandrian incubator launched by icealex and funded by the Academy for Scientific Research and Technology under the program of “Intilac National Incubators”. STARTUPS OF ALEX aims at connecting the different components of the Alexandrian startup ecosystem, meaning linking the startups themselves with mentors, investors, partners and supporting organizations such as co-working spaces and innovation & technology hubs. We believe that Alexandrian entrepreneurs have great ideas and the capability to create their own businesses. Some of them know their way and others face some obstacles, so we gather to share knowledge and help each other to increase economic development through empowering Alexandrian entrepreneurs..

Our Mission

The mission of STARTUPS OF ALEX is to boost startup growth through enhancing startup sustainability and strengthening the startup ecosystem in Alexandria, with the following objectives:

Improve the success rate for startups by focusing on growth and stability.

2. Involve different national and international players in the STARTUPS OF ALEX network.

Expand the Alexandrian startups access to funding.

Increase the number of jobs created by startups.

That's not all ...


In 2015, the icealex team observed that whilst the number of startups in Alexandria was increasing, only few of them actually became successful while the rest remained somewhat unheard of. To investigate this phenomenon, the team initiated the “Startups Ecosystem Mapping” project, which analyzed the surrounding environment of startups in Alexandria through a survey given to a random sample of 50 startups. This project was what led to the current program “STARTUPS OF ALEX”. We found that although there were some enablers in the Alexandrian market, such as 80% of startups being able to reach their customers through inexpensive marketing tools such as social media, there were numerous prominent disablers which had a significant impact on the growth and success of the startups. We discovered that very few startups had grown significantly over the years 2010-2015 and only 9% believed that they could create between 31-50 jobs within 3 years of their launch. This pessimism may be due to external factors such as the economic-political stability in Egypt, but it still says a lot about the ecosystem. For starters, the dependence of entrepreneurs on personal savings to finance their businesses puts a massive constraint on their ability to scale up their services. Additionally, the survey respondents expressed many challenges such as a lack of trained human capital, limited market knowledge and access, little or no mentorship, and inadequate financial and community support. The icealex team realized that all these challenges were services typically offered by networks for startups… and so STARTUPS OF ALEX was born!