Specialized training for you and your Team

  • You will receive training in different areas which will be offered by both STARTUPS OF ALEX network and through deals with training providers from the ecosystem.
  • You will received personalized training once we identify your specific needs - this analysis is a continuous process and will be reviewed throughout the program.
  • Trainings will include but are not limited to:
    • Business skills
      • Business modelling (business model canvas, balanced scorecard)
      • Marketing and market analysis
      • Strategy formulation
      • Management
      • Financial literacy
      • Human resources
      • Company valuation (for IPOs or market exit)
    • Financial Skills: Financial Literacy, Bookkeeping & Accounting, Financial Planning, Taxes, etc.
    • Legal Awareness: Registration Types & process, Contracting, Tendering, etc.
    • Technical Trainings: Product Design & Development, Supply Chain Management
    • Presentation and pitching skills
    • Proposal writing

Shared (co-working) & private office spaces

  • You will be provided with shared spaces and allocated offices to enable you to grow and expand your business.

Rapid Prototyping & Digital Manufacturing

  • You will be able to access the well-equipped icealex Fablab.
  • You will receive on-boarding sessions to use tools, machines, and other equipment to enable you to rapidly prototype your ideas and validate your emergence.

Online exposure and publicity

  • You will be publicized on the social media channels of STARTUPS OF ALEX as well as its parent organizations. .
  • You will receive alerts and invitations to attend and present your business at a wide variety of entrepreneurship events both locally and abroad.

Access to investment opportunities

  • You will be connected with our investor and funding organisations partners through the program.
  • You will receive alerts and invitations to investor events where you can pitch your ideas and network.
  • Your exposure will be directed at potential investors, venture capitalists and other funding organizations.
  • You will meet investors through events hosted by us in co-working spaces in Alexandria as well internationally.

Connection to Mentors and Supporting Organizations

  • You will connect with mentors and supporting organizations as well as other startups through our program partners in regular meet-ups in Alexandria and other entrepreneurship events
  • You will receive notifications of any relevant events that will enable you to network with mentors and supporters of different kinds outside the program and abroad.

Inter-network opportunities for exchange and collaboration

  • You will communicate with our partners, share opportunities and ideas and collaborate through regular private meet-ups and events.

Recruitment support

  • You will be able to post vacancies you have on the social media platforms of the program, with links to your company websites enabling job-seekers to apply on the program’s social media channels.